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How illicit trade in guns, sugar thrives along porous border - By Adow Jubat, AfriCOG Investigative Journalism Fellow 2013

Even as the move by Government to close of refugee camps in northern Kenya generates heated debate, reports about smuggling of goods in the region only add fuel to already burning fire.

Dadaab is indeed more than just a refugee camp. Over the years, it has mutated into a major smuggling hub for sugar, rice pasta and electronic goods. Investigations by The Standard on Sunday reveal that illegal immigrants, some of whom have acquired Kenyan ID cards, smuggle more than 15,000 bags of sugar worth more than Sh72 million daily through the porous border with Somalia.

Kenya Civil Society Letter to UN Permanent Representatives

Re: Draft Resolution on ICC Deferral

We have the honour of writing to you in connection with the recent request made by the Government of Kenya, with the support of many members of the African Union, for a vote on deferral of the Kenya cases at the International Criminal Court which was discussed in an informal interactive dialogue in New York on 31st October.

Kenyan Civil Society Letter and Memorandum to the UNSC on Deferral of ICC Cases (English & French Versions)

We, the undersigned Kenyan civil society organizations, write with regard to the Kenyan government’s request for a deferral of the ICC cases.
The organizations listed below have interacted regularly with victims and affected communities and have been engaged with the accountability process in Kenya since the onset of the 2007-2008 post-election violence (PEV).