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John Githongo: Corruption in Kenya is Poisoning Politics

Kenya's most prominent anti-corruption activist has warned that the country is "at a tipping point" as terrorist threats, declining revenues from tourism, and a lack of confidence in the government pile pressure on its leadership.

June 2014 - Newsletter

Kenya’s Security Dilemma - AfriCOG holds public forum

On Friday 9 May AfriCOG convened a public dialogue forum at the Hilton Hotel Nairobi to discuss the current government response to the escalating insecurity in the country. The gist of that response appears to have little respect for human rights. It includes indiscriminate arrests and deportations, particularly related to the Somali community, the nyumba kumi community policing, and a shoot to kill policy. The forum was timely, with sustained incidences of insecurity across the country, including explosions on the Thika super highway just six days before, killing two people and injuring over 50. (Since the forum, explosive devices at Gikomba market in Nairobi have taken 12 more Kenyan lives.)