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Implementation of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 provides, under Chapter 6, for leadership and integrity of all public officers. The Chapter is predicated upon the assumption that State officers1 are the nerve Centre of the Republic and carry the highest level of responsibility in the management of state affairs and, therefore, their conduct should be beyond reproach. This means that under the Constitution Kenyans decreed that those whose conduct does not bring honor, public confidence and integrity have no place in the management of public affairs.

Stop Grand Corruption - #PreventProsecuteParalyze


GRAND CORRUPTION takes place when leaders entrusted to make and enforce laws in the name of the people misuse this authority to increase their power, status and wealth. The infographic below illustrates just how big a problem GRAND CORRUPTION is.

While no form of corruption is acceptable or should go unpunished, GRAND CORRUPTION includes crimes so serious that their effects on human life, human rights and human welfare should be considered a crime against humanity.