Who is MOPA?

The Movement for Political Accountability (MOPA), launched at Nairobi’s Uhuru Park in March 2007, is a citizens’ oriented grassroots-based social movement comprised of organizations and individuals committed to empowering Kenyans to hold their public leadership to account. Over 30 organizations and individuals working on democracy, human rights and governance in Kenya currently participate in MOPA activities.  MOPA seeks to challenge Kenya’s political order and strengthen the democracy movement in the country by harnessing for positive change the collective experience, expertise and knowledge of its broad membership that includes a number of leading democracy, governance and human rights institutions as well as outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions in the achievement of the democratic gains we see in the country today.  This diversity in background and expertise, coupled with a vibrant grassroots-based movement building has helped MOPA to become a strategic network in its quest to advance values and practices that will help promote democracy and accountable governance in Kenya.

MOPA aims to address Kenya’s twin challenges comprised of the absence of issue-based politics and the lack of accountability by the political leadership in the country’s governance. Misuse of public resources, self-interested disposal of strategic national resources, and a long-running history of impunity have all seen Kenyans resigned to the cynicism of the mantra ‘politicians will always be politicians.’

But we believe it needs not be this way, that there is an alternative to this cynicism.

MOPA seeks to consolidate citizens’ desire for leaders of highest possible integrity, who respect and uphold the constitution, and who are more likely to keep the promises they make to their constituents. In order to achieve this, we must always challenge the dominance of impunity and aversion to the basic tenets of accountability by those bestowed with positions of public trust. We seek to grow a new culture of issue-based politics that de-emphasises ethnicity and other negative aspects of identity politics.


Founded on the premise that the greatest challenge to Kenya’s socio-economic and democratic transformation in the past half century has not been lack of resources, both human and otherwise, but the yawning deficit of good governance and political leadership positively responsive to the needs of its people, MOPA’s quest for a new mode of politics is guided by three Strategic Pillars that seek to:

Empower citizens through a bottom-up approach to demand and induce accountability in Kenya’s public institutions.  MOPA’s grassroots citizens’ forums challenge communities to understand the synergy between rights and obligations even as they seek to demand public accountability.

Support community initiatives and training aimed at knowledge generation, community organization and political mobilization to deliver lasting change.

Accompanycommunities in their quest to demand accountability from elected and public officials through among other avenues, public interest litigation and issue-based agitations.


The search for good governance and accountability requires a deeper involvement of all citizens at all levels, at the personal as well as the communal/group level. We seek to work with organized communities to mobilise for the change we want to see. Whether an individual or an organization, national or grassroots, you too can be part of our vibrant and spreading network of networks. To know how you too can be part of the movement, send your email enquiries to admin@africog.org


  1. Kenya National Commission on Human Rights – 9KNCHR0
  2. International Commission of Jurists (ICJ– Kenya)
  3. Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims - SUPKEM
  4. AfricaCenterfor Open Governance – AfriCOG
  5. Federation of Women Lawyers – FIDA Kenya
  6. Center for Multi Party Democracy – CMD
  7. Catholic Justice & Peace Commission
  8. KenyaLand Alliance – KLA
  9. Bunge la Mwanachi
  10. Northern Aid
  11. Action Aid
  12. CRECO
  13. CJPC
  14. Youth Agenda
  15. Hema la Katiba
  16. Mars Group Kenya
  17. Hindu Council of Kenya
  18. Action Aid International Kenya (AAIK)
  19. Socio Economic Rights Foundation (SRF)
  20. Institute for Education in Democracy (IED)
  21. Citizen Coalition for Constitutional Culture (4Cs)
  22. Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK)
  23. Youth Action for Peace, Democracy & Good Governance
  24. KenyaAlliance of Residents Association – KARA
  25. Constitution Reform Education Consortium (CRECO)
  26. Name and Shame Corruption Network (NASCON)
  27. National Convention Executive Council (NCEC)
  28. Centre for Peace and Democracy (CEPAD)
  29. Muslims Human Rights Forum (MUHURI)
  30. Independent Medical Legal Unit (IMLU)
  31. SeventhDay Adventist Church(SDA)
  32. Kituo Cha Sheria
  34. Peace Net
  35. KenyaChurch
  36. Maendeleo ya Wanawake
  37. Law Society of Kenya (LSK)
  38. Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK)
  39. National Civic Education Program (NCEP)