IJ 2009

AfriCOG Investigative Journalism Fellowship Report on Media Corruption

This investigation was carried out under a competitive fellowship awarded to Otsieno Namwaya by Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG), a civil society organization dedicated to addressing the structural and institutional causes of corruption and bad governance in Kenya.

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The Influx And Sale Of Fake Malaria Drugs In Kenya, Its Economic Impact And Implications For Drug-resistant Malaria

Malaria still remains the biggest killer in Africa, especially of pregnant women and children and is estimated to kill 3000 people every day. While it is manageable using drugs and insecticide-treated bed nets, drug resistance continues to pose a major problem.
Currently in Africa, many drugs have become virtually useless for treating malaria. Consequently, these drugs have been replaced by artemisinin combination therapy (ACT), considered the last frontier in the fight against drug resistant-malaria.