The Election Petition

Petition Number 4 by AfriCOG - Consolidated by the Supreme Court

1.       The objective of the Petition was to ensure compliance with the Constitution of Kenya 2010 election laws, regulations. These laws and regulations flow from the Constitution.

2.       The constitution of Kenya provides that elections must be held in a manner that if free, fair, transparent, simple, accurate and verifiable.

AfriCOG Points on the Election Petition

1. There are many, many more Forms 34 missing than what was reported by the judiciary. Judiciary said forms missing from 10 voting zones, but our interim report shows 15 constituencies minimum. Final report will show more.

2. If it is true that there were 36,236 voters in the "special register," how can they explain that the final register shows 12,500 more voters than the provisional register?

Press Statement on Civil Society Supreme Court Petition

Members of Kenya’s civil society filed a case in the Supreme Court today, challenging the legitimacy of the March 4th 2013 General Election.

“Our case is not about who’s won, but how the public has lost – we lost the promise of a transparent, accurate and effective process,” said Gladwell Otieno, Executive Director of Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG) who filed the case. Otieno spearheads the Kenyans for Peace, Truth and Justice (KPTJ) coalition, which includes members and individuals from Kenya’s civil society.

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Civil Society Election Petition

THE HUMBLE PETITION OF GLADWELL WATHONI OTIENO AND ZAHID RAJAN in the Republic of Kenya whose address of service for the purposes of this suit is care of Kilonzo & Company Advocates, Kay Group Center, Mucai Drive, Ngong Road, of P.O. Box 59839 Nairobi Showeth as follows.

AfriCOG Question and Answer about the Electoral Petition

How is this electoral petition different from other electoral petitions?
Other petitions have a political party interest and seek to challenge the electoral outcomes. Our petition seeks to demonstrate that constitutional and legal safeguards on the election process were so breached that the accuracy and legitimacy of the electoral outcomes have been laid open to question. We seek to demonstrate that the electoral process was neither accountable nor transparent and its results are, therefore, non-verifiable. We seek declarations and orders to rectify all such breaches.

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