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Pathways to Devolution - The Scope for Decentralising State Agencies

Article 6 of the Constitution provides for the devolution of services to 47 counties, and further provides that all State organs must, as far as is possible, ensure the accessibility of their services across the country.

Integrity in Leadership? An assessment of Kenya’s performance in enforcing constitutional values

The struggle for integrity has formed a major part of Kenya’s recent governance history. Over the decades, the Kenyan public has made its desire for a change in the quality and ethical standards of its leaders clear. Again and again they have cited corruption in leaders as a major national problem which must be addressed if Kenya is to progress.

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Did Counties Deliver? Evaluating County Budgets 2013-2014

The Constitution of 2010 provides for a devolved system of governance in which Kenya now has two distinct but interdependent levels of government - the national and county governments - which should cooperate and consult in the conduct of their mutual relations. Kenya is now divided into 47 counties. This is known as a devolved form of government, which is different from the former structure where everything was run by a central government.

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